DTU Electrical Engineering educates engineers in biomedical technology, electrical engineering and within the field of playware. The department offers courses at BEng, BSc and MSc levels including courses for international master students. 

Furthermore, DTU Electrical Engineering offers PhD projects in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering.

The department has substantial teaching activities within measurement and instrumentation, remote sensing, electric technology, power electronics, antennas, radar technology, building and electro acoustics, audiology, biological engineering and robotics.

DTU Electrical Engineering’s extensive experimental facilities include:

  • Anechoic chamber for antenna measurements
  • Anechoic chamber and reverberation rooms for acoustic measurements
  • Facilities for ultrasound scanning and for the testing and verification of space instrumentation
  • Shielded room for EMC testing
  • High voltage laboratories
Furthermore, the department offers mid-way projects, BSc/MSc projects and PhD projects.