Audio Visual Immersion Lab (Photo: Danish Sound Innovation Network)

Research areas

Our research covers the study and use of electronics, electromagnetism, and electricity—ranging from acoustics and automation to signal processing and wireless communication for electronic devices, electrical energy conversion and energy systems. Electrotechnology is the basis for the electricity supply and for the development of electronic systems.

Here you can read more about DTU Elektro's different research areas:

Acoustic Technology: Sound field analysis and measurements, Electroacoustics and tranducer technology, Structure-borne sound, Architectural acoustics

Acoustic-Mechanical Micro Systems: Acoustic-Mechanical Interaction and Microacoustics, Micro-manufacturing and material / Process technology, Advanced optimization and material mechanics

Automation and Control: Mobile roboticsFault-tolerant operationFault-tolerant controlModular robotics

Playware: Robotics, Ambient intelligence, Pervasive and ubiquitous computing, Mobile technology

Biomedical Engineering: Biomedical signal processingUltrasound imaging, Biomechanics and biomedicineMagnetic resonance imaging, Cellular signalling and biophysical modelling

Fast Ultrasound Imaging: Flow estimation, Hardware related implementation, Imaging

Magnetic Resonance: Hyperpolarization, NeurophysicsMRI Acquisition, High field MRI

Hyperpolarization in Magnetic Resonance: Physics and Instrumentation, Imaging and Coils, Applications - biology, chemistry and medicine

Electric Power and Energy: Digital Energy Solutions, Interconnected energy systems, Optimized electric energy technologies

Electromagnetic Systems: Electromagnetic field theoryAntenna technology and measurements, Microwave technology and measurementsElectromagnetic metamaterials, Terahertz electronics

Electronics: Power electronicsSwitch-mode technology, Signal conditioning, Analog and IC design

Hearing Systems: Auditory signal processing and modelling of auditory perception, Computational neuroscience of hearingAudiologyObjective measures of auditory function, Speech perceptionAudio-visual integrationAuditory scene analysis and communication in complex sound environmentsHearing instrument signal processing

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