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17 JUL

Free access to leading Smart Grid research infrastructure

Once again, PowerLabDK offers free access to our world leading facilities and innovative installations. Starting from 15 August and until 15 November, we invite you to...

Energy Energy systems Energy efficiency Wind energy
13 JUL

How can electric vehicles be an asset to the power system?

Peter Bach Andersen, project manager for the Parker Project, explains the technology behind the grid integrated vehicle and why it is of more value to society than an ordinary...

Energy Energy storage Energy efficiency Electricity supply
11 JUL

DTU students help make the power flow more efficient at Roskilde Festival

Several students from DTU participated at Roskilde Festival this year. And once again, many chose to do so in correlation with their education. They collaborate with Roskilde...

Electrotechnology Energy Electricity supply Energy efficiency
10 JUL

DTU Wind Energy wins first and second place at the International Small Wind Turbine...

DTU Wind Energy beat four competitors in the International Small Wind Turbine Contest. DTU Wind Energy won both 1 st and 2 nd place.

Wind energy
07 JUL

Summer school on power systems and electricity markets continues to be a success

For a week in June 2017, 56 participants from 18 different countries were gathered at Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) for this year’s summer school. The programme...

Electrotechnology Energy Energy efficiency Energy systems
03 JUL

PhD defence by Abubakr Eldirdiri

On Friday 30 June 2017, Abubakr Eldirdiri defended his PhD thesis 'Monitoring Cancer Response to Treatment with Hyperpolarized 13C MRS'.

Medicine and medico technology Medical equipment and systems Health and diseases
03 JUL

Roskilde: Virtual waste collection using robots

Equipped with a joystick and a virtual reality headset, guests at Roskilde Festival tried their luck at controlling a robot and scoring points by collecting fictional waste...

Electrotechnology Robot technology and automation
29 JUN

Guest Researcher

Visting Reseacher Dr Benjmain Fuchs, IETR, France

27 JUN

Playware-AUT eSport robotspil på Roskilde Festival

Styr din robot gennem festivalområdet for at samle og sortere affald, og lever det korrekt til affaldssortering, uden at din robot vælter telte eller toiletvogne undervejs...

27 JUN

Guest lecture at Electromagnetic Systems Group

Guest lecture at Electromagnetic Systems Group Multiple electromagnetic scattering by randomly distributed and oriented obstacles Prof. Emeritus Gerhard Kristensson...