Cooperation Committee

The DTU Elektro Cooperation Committee consists of the following persons:

Representatives for the management (A side)
Preben Jørgensen, head of department and chairman
Michael A. E. Andersen, deputy head of department
Anne Bobek, head of administration
Henrik W. Bindner, leader

Marianne Krabbe Heldgaard, HR Partner (DTU)

Staff representatives (B side)

Jakob Glarbo Møller, vice chairman, representing IDA
Henriette Dalby Wolff, representing Kommunikation & Sprog
Stine Lykke Wagner, representing Danske Magistre (DM)
Suzanne Fischer, representing HK
Martin Nielsen, representing Dansk Metal


Preben Jørgensen
Head of Department, MScEE, PhD, HD/O
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 93 51 12 11
5 AUGUST 2020