About us

DTU Electrical Engineering is a department at the Technical University of Denmark.

Our department consists of six sections, a number of research centres and an administration. The department has around 200 highly skilled employees.

DTU Electrical Engineering has essential activities within:

  • electric energy systems
  • electric components
  • electronics
  • electromagnetic systems
  • automation
  • acoustic technology

We cooperate with both Danish and foreign universities and companies. Read more about our industrial collaboration.

At DTU Electrical Engineering we educate engineers in electrical engineering technologies offering studies at BEng, BSc, MSc and PhD levels, and participate in international Master programmes.

Our department offers the following DTU programmes:

BSc Eng programmes: 

MSc Eng programmes:

Our department also take part in the DTU MSc Eng programmes:

We contribute to the DTU-KAIST Dual Degree MSc programmes:

We are also involved in the following Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) programmes at DTU Engineering Technology:

Department Committees

See the members of our various committees and Advisory Board:

Local Collaboration Committee

Working Environment Committee

Advisory Board