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Drones offer many benefits, but unfortunately they provide terrorists and criminals with new opportunities, so they need to be monitored. The Danish company Weibel Scientific A/S has now developed its first radar system for monitoring drones. Read more
High Tech Summit, Copenhagen 2017

On 20-21 September 2017 DTU hosts High Tech Summit a unique trade fair and conference. The event showcases the newest leading technologies and shows you how to start using and benefitting from these technologies. DTU is Denmark’s largest technological platform while also being a university with extensive, daily contact to the Danish business community.

DTU Elektro contributes with a number of Tech Talks on autonomous robotics, miniature converters, hearing, hyperpolarization and medtech.

Read the event programme and register (free of charge) here!  


The fourth industrial revolution is based on digitization. The sheer number of new, faster and cheaper technologies is making it easier for businesses... Read more

As the only Scandinavian university, DTU participated in a robotics competition in Abu Dhabi where robots demonstrated their ability to perceive and... Read more
Technologist # 13 on robots
Roskilde Festival 2017
At this year's Roskilde Festival 100 DTU students working across approximately 20 projects were investigating new ways of making the festival more effective, more sustainable, and entertaining for festival-goers. Read about some of the Electrical Engineering-related projects here:
Equipped with a joystick and a virtual reality headset, guests at Roskilde Festival tried their luck at controlling a robot and scoring points by collecting... Read more
Several students from DTU participated at Roskilde Festival this year. And once again, many chose to do so in correlation with their education. They... Read more

Last year several start-ups saw the light of day among them Senserna, Nordic Firefly and ADoN Biomarkers. A new page on DTU Elektro start-ups created by employees since 1997 has been created at our department website. Start-up companies

Ten out of 20 hardware entrepreneurs in this year’s Danish Tech Challenge have links to DTU. In January, they will compete for the top prize of DKK... Read more
Once again, PowerLabDK offers free access to our world leading facilities and innovative installations. Starting from 15 August and until 15 November... Read more
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High Tech Summit 2017
High Tech Summit 2017
DTU Electrical Engineering
About DTU Electrical Engineering

At DTU Electrical Engineering we educate engineers within Electrical Engineering technologies. We offer studies at BEng, BSc, MSc and PhD levels. The department also participates in international Master programmes. We conduct research within antenna and microwave technology, robot technology, autonomous systems, power and physical electronics, acoustic environment, electro-acoustics, electric power and energy.

DTU Electrical Engineering

DTU Electrical Engineering 
Department of Electrical Engineering
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Building 348
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