Organizational change | Grant for the audacious

Organizational change Grant for the audacious

Welcome to our February 2022 Newsletter

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This will be the last monthly newsletter* from DTU Electrical Engineering - Department of Electrical Engineering as it is known today. Our excellent research sections will move to three NEW DTU departments from 1 March 2022.

Acoustic Technology, Autonomous Systems, Robotics and Automation, and Electronics will join DTU Photonics Engineering - Department of Electrical Engineering and Photonics.

Electromagnetic Systems will join DTU Space - National Space Institute.

Center for Electric Power and Energy will join DTU Wind Energy - Department of Wind Energy and Energy Systems.

Below you will find the latest news related to DTU Electrical Engineering.

Thank you for your interest, and take care.

Camilla Hermann, Communications Officer (editor)

*Newsletter no. 75 since May 2015


To support DTU’s strategy to develop sustainable technology for people and create stronger research environments, the University is now reorganizing its research in key areas such as construction, environmental technology, electrotechnology, and photonics. Read more
A computational model being developed at DTU aims to help get to the roots of Parkinson’s disease to allow for future early diagnosis and treatment... Read more
DTU Electrical Engineering
About DTU Electrical Engineering

At DTU Electrical Engineering we educate engineers within Electrical Engineering technologies. We offer studies at BEng, BSc, MSc and PhD levels. The department also participates in international Master programmes. We conduct research within antenna and microwave technology, robot technology, autonomous systems, power and physical electronics, acoustic environment, electro-acoustics, electric power and energy.

DTU Electrical Engineering

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