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Innovation Fund Denmark awarded five new prizes at the EliteForsk conference on 23 February. Four current and former DTU researchers were among the recipients. Read more
Ultrasound is an effective and harmless means to look inside the body. It is used by specially trained doctors, for example to monitor the foetus during... Read more
The Portable Ultrasound Scanners project—running from 2013 to 2018—has received DKK 75 million (EUR 10 million) in funding from Innovation Fund Denmark... Read more
Congratulations to Tommaso di Ianni, who has won The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine's New Investigator Award 2017 for his presentation... Read more
Robotic competition (MBZIRC 2017)

It was a team of researchers and students from DTU Elektro's Automation and Control group whose latest research in the field of robot technology was put to the test when the world’s best universities within this field met in Abu Dhabi on 16-18 March. 

One silver medal and a fourth place overall was the result of DTU’s participation in a robotics competition last week. Read more
As the only Scandinavian university, DTU is participating in a competition in Abu Dhabi, where robots’ ability to perceive and adapt to changes in their... Read more
Knowledge about efficient conversion of solar energy combined with considerable insight into solar cells have resulted in new efficient electronics... Read more
In future, wireless energy harvested from renewable energy sources is to run the world’s smallest power supply unit, making it possible to use it for... Read more
Inaugural lectures

No less than two inaugural lectures from our department have taken place. 

On Thursday, 23 February, Professor Joachim Holbøll gave his inaugural lecture “High Voltage Research and Polytechnical Educations – Relics of the Past... Read more
Last Thursday on the 9th of March, Professor Vassilios Agelidis gave his inaugural lecture “Affordable, Reliable and Sustainable Energy Systems for... Read more
DTU has appointed Frida Frost as COO for PowerLabDK—Europe’s leading experimental facility within electricity and energy solutions. Read more
This week, the French car manufacturer Groupe PSA (the group behind Citroën and Peugeot) organised a large internal showcase of innovation projects... Read more
Tuesday 28 March a delegation from Italians second largest political party, Movimento 5 Stella (M5S), visited PowerLabDK. Interesting discussions on... Read more
EnergyLab Nordhavn
Later this afternoon a large battery connected to the main grid in Nordhavn is officially inaugurated. The battery is part of the EnergyLab Nordhavn... Read more
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DTU RoboCup 2017
DTU RoboCup 2017
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