Strategic Landmarks

Strategic landmarks—this we must prioritize!

#1: Driving frontier research!

We must always maintain a well-balanced research portfolio in terms of fundamental and applied research as well as large and small-scale activities. Our strategy for attracting sufficient funding must reflect this balance.

Our frontier research is achieved through our ability to attract top-tier researchers, our access to world-class experimental facilities, and through strengthening of our capabilities within digitalization. For us, digitalization includes, for instance, high-performance computing, machine learning, computational techniques,
modelling, and simulation.

Our scientific renown is maintained by high-impact publications, strategic partnerships, scientific events, and channels, including social media, to strengthen our global impact and scientific network.

All our research must generate new knowledge and be impactful to improve the lives of people and to support a sustainable future.

#2: Develop flexible and future-oriented teaching!

We have always developed our teaching continuously, but in the coming years, we have a huge possibility to radically rethink the way we teach. New digital methods and learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic will influence how we teach and offer education in the future.

We will actively explore new teaching methods to enable us to educate top-quality candidates with robust, future-proof competences, and maintain our position in an increasingly internationally competitive environment.

We will conduct more experiments with different forms of teaching, exploring new and innovative teaching methods. New digital and online methods will give us more agility and the possibility to adapt quickly to new opportunities, such as life-long education, inter-university collaboration, etc.

We will continue to utilize our world-class experimental facilities actively by opening our labs even more for students and involving students in research. This will be integrated with new online and digitally supported teaching methods.

#3: Increase strategic partnerships!

In the future, strong and well-developed partnerships and collaboration will be essential for our research, teaching, and innovation.

We will increase the number of strategic partnerships with internationally leading academic partners within our respective research fields, and with partners in fields that strengthen our interdisciplinary activities.

We will assume more responsibilities in the relevant international academic societies, e.g., leadership in academic networks, editorships, and conferences. This will increase our visibility, make us a preferred collaboration partner, facilitate the critical mass of our research while making us internationally renowned and strengthening our international position.

We will also maintain strong industrial partnerships and develop new partnerships when possible and relevant.

We will maintain and strengthen the collaboration within DTU in all areas and influence positively DTU’s research, education, innovation, and administrative activities.