(Photo: Ulrik Jantzen/Büro Jantzen)

Cheol-Ho Jeong is DTU Lecturer of the Year

Tuesday 07 May 19


Cheol-Ho Jeong
Associate Professor
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 39 34
Every year, the students at DTU vote for their favourite professors and crown the Lecturers of the Year. A lecturer from DTU Electrical Engineering was awarded again this year.

The award celebrates DTU lecturers and honours them for showing great commitment to the teaching, for their ability to encourage the students to play an active part in their education, and for their capacity to communicate difficult material in an inviting and readily comprehensible manner.

At DTU’s annual Commemoration Party on 3 May 2019 the DTU student's union Polyteknisk Forening appointed Associate Professor Cheol-Ho Jeong to the Lecturer of the Year. 

Cheol-Ho receives the prestigious award for his excellent teaching in the MSc courses Architectural acoustics (31240) and Building acoustics (31241). The courses are part of MSc programme in Engineering Acoustics, and are given by the Acoustic Technology group at DTU Electrical Engineering. 

Cheol-Ho has received very good course evaluations for his teaching through many years and one of the student testimonies for the award states "Cheol-Ho is one of the best teachers I have ever had at DTU. He is just very human. And he is very approachable."

The other award for the Lecturer of the Year was given to Professor Robert Madsen, DTU Chemistry.

(Photo: Ulrik Jantzen/Büro Jantzen)

Photo - Lecturers of the Year: Associate Professor Cheol-Ho Jeong and Professor Robert Madsen.

(Photo: Ulrik Jantzen/Büro Jantzen)

Photo (from left): DTU Provost Rasmus Larsen, Working Environment Coordinator Sidsel Bjerre Andersen, Associate Professor Cheol-Ho Jeong, Professor Robert Madsen, the Crown Prince Couple and President of Polyteknisk Forening Søren Kuhberg.

Photos: Ulrik Jantzen/Büro Jantzen