Alessandra Follo

First NOWRIC PhD students employed at DTU Wind Energy

Friday 31 Jan 20


Alessandra Follo
PhD student
DTU Wind Energy

Alessandra Follo is the first PhD student employed at DTU Wind Energy as part of the NOWRIC collaboration between DTU and Norwegian SINTEF and NTNU.

In January 2019, DTU entered into a collaboration with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the Norwegian research institute SINTEF to create a joint research centre, NOWRIC (Nordic Offshore Wind R&I Center).

That collaboration now sees the light of day at DTU, where DTU Wind Energy has just employed one PhD student, Alessandra Follo, who started at the institute at the turn of the year.

“My PhD project looks at the system that collects the power produced by each major wind turbine exceeding 10MW. With the project I look at the wind turbines individually, in a large wind farm,”she explains:

“In the offshore wind farms in operation today, the collection system is controlled in medium voltage alternating current (MVAC). The aim of the project is to make it possible to reduce the wind farms’ operating costs. ”

Cross-border cooperation is exciting

Alessandra Follo finished her MSc degree at DTU this summer, and she had no doubt that she would like to continue at DTU:

"In the summer of 2017, I spent two weeks in Norway at NTNU's facilities."

The experience in Norway was one of the major reasons why she chose to apply for the PhD position:

“When I read the job posting, I immediately saw that it belonged under NOWRIC. With the three research centres and institutes, the highest level of research is guaranteed,” she says.

As part of NOWRIC, she will spend one of the next three years as PhD student in Norway, at NTNU in Trondheim. She will spend the remaining two years at DTU Risø Campus.

In December 2019, the first NOWRIC PhD students started at Norwegian NTNU, and on 1 February another PhD student at DTU Wind Energy, Arefhossein Moalemi, will start as part of the NOWRIC collaboration.
29 OCTOBER 2020