From the internal inauguration at the wind tunnel

Celebration of acoustic setup in the Poul la Cour Tunnel

Tuesday 28 Jan 20


Christian Bak
Senior Scientist
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 91

On Friday January 24 2020, the acoustic setup in the National Wind Tunnel was inaugurated.

Back in April 2018, His Royal Highness Prince Joachim cut the red ribbon and inaugurated the National Wind Tunnel at DTU Risø Campus.

Since then, researchers from DTU Wind Energy have been working on designing and establishing the instrumentation, and now the Poul La Cour Wind Tunnel, under which name it is also known, is ready to be used with both aerodynamic and acoustic instrumentation.

“When we inaugurated the wind tunnel in 2018, it was mainly the machine, but not the instrumentation and the setup,” says Christian Bak. He is responsible for the wind tunnel.

Thus, now was the time to inaugurate the acoustic setup as well. Therefore, on Friday January 24 2020, different people, who have been involved in building the wind tunnel, were invited to an inauguration of the full instrumentation.

“At the end of November 2019, we managed to make the first noise measurements, and in this way we are now able to do tests with all the features we planned from the start,” says Christian Bak.

From the internal inauguration

Popular wind tunnel

“The journey with the wind tunnel started in April 2011, almost nine years ago. I know, that it has taken some time, but now I can say without any doubt, that there is nothing in the tunnel, that I would have liked to do differently,” Christian Bak stressed in his speech on Friday.

According to him, the future for the wind tunnel looks promising. The tunnel can run up to 105m/s, which was the plan from the start, and researchers have in addition measured turbulence intensity of 0,1 % or lower.

It also looks promising regarding things being tested in the wind tunnel:

“Alone this year we have planned 117 days of tests in external projects,” Christian Bak finishes.
29 OCTOBER 2020