Preben Jørgensen is the new Head of DTU Electrical Engineering

Thursday 26 Sep 19


Anders Overgaard Bjarklev
+45 45 25 10 00
DTU’s new Head of Department has strong competences within the energy field.

As of 1 December 2019, Preben Jørgensen will be the new Head of DTU Electrical Engineering. He comes from a position as Programme Director at DSB, where he has been responsible for DSB’s part of the Signalling Programme.

Preben Jørgensen has an MSc and a PhD in Electrical Systems from DTU Electrical Engineering. In addition, he has an HD in Business and Management from CBS. Preben Jørgensen began his career as an engineer in Elkraft and has since held a number of managerial positions within the electricity and energy sector, including in HOFOR, Vattenfall, Elkraft, and DEFU (Danish energy, research, and development). Over the years, he has primarily worked with energy production, consultancy, application, and planning.

Alongside his career, Preben Jørgensen has conducted a wide range of scientific assessments of projects and fund distributions within the energy and environment sectors as council member in, e.g., The Danish Council for Strategic Research and Innovation Fund, including scientific assessments for EUDP, GUDP, and ForskEL. 

“With his extensive experience from managerial positions in both private and public businesses, as well as his professional insight into energy research in particular, Preben Jørgensen will be a great asset to DTU. We look forward to welcoming him,” says DTU President Anders Bjarklev.

On the expectations of his new job, Preben Jørgensen says:

“DTU has always held a special place in my heart, and I look forward to spearheading the continued development of DTU Electrical Engineering. The Department holds a strong position in many fields, and I look forward to help strengthen this position even further”.

Preben Jørgensen has held several positions of trust at DTU, including as Chairman of the PowerLabDK steering committee and as a member of the DTU Energy Advisory Board, the DTU Board of Representatives, and the Appointment Committee.

Preben Jørgensen replaces Professor Kristian Stubkjær, who is leaving after a long career at DTU.