“Hans Christian Ørsted - the Unity of Spirit and Nature”

Marking of the Bicentennial of Electromagnetism

Thursday 25 Jun 20


Samel Arslanagic
Associate Professor and Head of Electromagnetic Systems
DTU Space
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“Hans Christian Ørsted - the Unity of Spirit and Nature”

Year 2020 marks the 200-year anniversary of the discovery of electromagnetism - a science that lies at the heart of all electro-technology and which thus provides the basis for our modern society. 

Electromagnetism was discovered in 1820 by the Danish scientist Hans Christian Ørsted who showed that a magnetic needle was deflected when electric current passed through a near-by wire. 

H.C. Ørsted and his discovery are celebrated in Denmark throughout 2020. One of the great initiatives to promote public awareness of his work is the excellent anniversary book “Hans Christian Ørsted - the Unity of Spirit and Nature” published recently by KVANT. The book contains a collection of articles from a number of humanists and scientists that portray the life, work, and legacy of H.C. Ørsted. 

Associate Prof. Samel Arslanagić and Prof. Olav Breinbjerg, both from DTU Elektro, have contributed to this book with a chapter “From Ørsted’s Discovery of Electromagnetism to the Modern Wireless Society” elucidating in simple terms the basics of electromagnetic waves and their vital role in wireless communication, sensing and energy transfer systems.

The book is dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, on the occasion of her 80th Birthday on April 16, 2020.