Frederiksberg Forsyning -Photo: Nissan

World's first real life test of Vehicle to Grid is a reality

Thursday 01 Sep 16
by Stine-Lykke-Wagner


Peter Bach Andersen
Senior Researcher
DTU Wind
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Researchers from Center for Electric Power and Energy at DTU Elektro have developed and tested Vehicle to Grid (V2G) integration in electric cars for years. Now a real life test of ten electric cars with V2G is a reality - and the world's first.

The municipality of Frederiksberg has recently purchased ten Nissan eNV200 cars and ten "Vehicle to Grid"(V2G) charger stations. As a real life test of mass-produced electric vehicles that are able to send power back into the grid, the cars will be driven daily by employees of Frederiksberg Forsyning.

The pilot project was launched 29th of August and is the world's first commercial “in the field” aggregation of electric vehicles with V2G integration.

When not in use, the cars will be connected to the V2G chargers. The chargers differ from other chargers in their ability to send back power from the cars to the grid if it lacks power. This happens eg. when power consumption is high and the production is low. However, the cars will at any time keep enough power for a 30 kilometer drive. 

The pilot at Frederiksberg Forsyning is the next step in validating technical and economic viability in ancillary service with participation of a commercial fleet. Further it builds directly on top of the recently concluded Nikola project which was coordinated by Center for Electric Power and Energy at DTU Elektro. 

The newly purchased electric vehicles of Frederiksberg will interface with, and supply, the newly started Parker project which is a continuation of the Nikola project. The main objective of Parker will be to pursue replicability of the Frederiksberg trail and provide a more formal validation process for the smart grid readiness of series produced Electric Vehicles.

Frederiksberg Forsyning  Photo-Nissan