InnovationsFonden grants DKK14 mio for new project

Saturday 14 Jun 14


Arnold Knott
Associate Professor
DTU Electro
+45 45 25 34 90


Michael A. E. Andersen
Professor, Group Leader
DTU Electro
+45 45 25 36 01

InnovationsFonden was established as of 1 April 2014 by bringing together research, technology development and innovation grants from the Danish Council of Strategic Research, the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation and the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation into one new powerful foundation.


The overall aim of InnovationsFonden is to support the development of knowledge and technology, including advanced technology, in order to strengthen research and innovative solutions that may benefit growth and employment in Denmark.

TinyPower - the world's smallest off-line power supplies for "Internet of Things"

Small, light-weight, robust and high quality power supplies are a missing brick in a potentially enormous market for intelligent devices such as *Internet of Things*.

Five danish companies therefore got together with DTU to build the next generation miniaturized power supplies.

InnovationsFonden invests around DKK14 million into the project TinyPower.

The Electronics Group at DTU Electrical Engineering layer the basis for TinyPower during their research from the past four years. During this period, the Electronics Group succeeded in putting their name side-by-side to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a technique that allows increasing of the operating speed of power supplies by a factor 1000. Simultaneously volume, weight, price are decreased while lifetime is increased.

TinyPower will go one step further and build power supplies in a chip for LED drivers and *Internet of Things* directly driven from the AC mains.

The project contacts are: 

    • SimpLight ApS, 3500 Værløse, Jonatan Kutchinsky, Founder & CEO, +45 51902145
    • DTU Electrical Engineeing, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Arnold Knott, Associate Professor, +45 45253490
    • Servodan A/S, 6400 Sønderborg, Tommy Bjerre, CTO, +45 74424726
    • DTU Danchip, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Anders Michael Jørgensen, Vicedirektør, +45 23372131
    • Noliac A/S, 3490 Kvistgaard, Bjørn Andersen, Founder & CTO, +45 49125030
    • IPU, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Peter Torben Tang, Senior Konsulent & Ph.d., +45 45254804
    • Viso Systems, 8000 Aarhus C, Christian Krause, Direktør, +45 29638740

Project title: TinyPower

Budget: DKK26 million

The InnovationsFonden's investment: DKK14 million

Duration: 3.5 years



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