Open position - PhD scholarship in Development of DNP-NMR Methods for the Real-Time Investigation of Catalytic Reaction Mechanisms

Monday 13 Jul 15


Jens Øllgaard Duus
DTU Chemistry
+45 45 25 24 51


Susanne Mossin
Associate Professor
DTU Chemistry
+45 45 25 23 91


Jan Henrik Ardenkjær-Larsen
Head of Department, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 57 57

The Department of Chemistry invites applicants for a 3-year PhD position.

In chemistry, the current description of mechanistic details of many chemical reactions is based on a combination of modelling and indirect experimental information, e.g. product composition. The PhD project aims to directly observe the short-lived intermediates in chemical reactions, especially in catalysis, by utilizing the speed and high sensitivity of hyperpolarized NMR.

The project will combine experimental catalysis with development of new DNP-NMR observation schemes. To achieve success, new chemical entities with isotope labeling should be synthesized and catalytic reactions should be tested and optimized. The real-time monitoring of the reaction should then be investigated at the DNP-NMR setup at DTU Electro.

To interpret the observable NMR parameters advanced computational modeling of the reactions will also be performed.

Read more and apply here. Deadline 14 August 2015.