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New issue of Technologist is out now

Monday 07 Dec 15

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  • Published by the four EuroTech universities: In addition to DTU, the EuroTech alliance comprises École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven and Technische Universität München.

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Our own Danish astronaut, Andreas Mogensen, occupies the front cover of the new issue of Technologist, DTU's international magazine, which this time takes a closer look at researchers and engineers who operate under very extreme conditions. 

Visit the researchers on the international space station, the South Pole, by underground volcanoes in the Indian Ocean, in Seychelles' tropical rain forest, among many places.

Andreas Mogensen is just one of the engineers who—in the name of science—are working under very special circumstances. He managed to travel almost seven million kilometres during his mission to the international space station ISS, where he, during his 10-day stay, photographed giant lightning bolts from a height of 400 kilometres, among other things. Photos that provide researchers with new knowledge about weather conditions and help them improve their ability to, for example, predict climate change.

Another researcher who is exposed to an extreme working environment is German geophysicist Karin Sigloch, who from a ship in the Indian Ocean examines volcanic activity on the seabed during tropical storms.

Meet these researchers and many others in the new issue of Technologist, which also examines how sleep, insomnia, and sleep patterns affect health, and how sleep disorders can reveal diseases such as Parkinson's disease at an early stage.

Read about this and much more in Technologist no. 7—or keep up to speed at, where the articles from the magazine are also published. You can also order individual issues or a subscription at