Nikola concluding seminar at Risø June 2016

Grid Integrated Electric Vehicle seminar – Concluding the Nikola project

Tuesday 16 Aug 16
by Rikke Høm Jensen


Peter Bach Andersen
Senior Researcher
DTU Wind
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The Nikola Project

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8th of June Risø hosted a seminar marking the end of the Nikola project. The seminar was attended by a hundred participants including representatives from seven different vehicle manufacturers who witnessed a succesful first-of-its kind demonstration.

The Nikola project has conducted a thorough and systematic investigation of the electric vehicles (EVs) ability to support a stable and economic power system based on renewable energy.

Among the accomplishments of the projects are:

  • numerous publications and student projects
  • strong experimental work at Syslab and in the town of Borup
  • interface development with user testing
  • the retrofitting and upgrade of three Citroen C1’s for research
  • and the world first demonstration of V2G enabled series produced electric vehicles performing frequency regulation.

Nikola was furthermore successful in attracting vehicle manufacturers as active supporters of the project – a large accomplishment by a small Danish project.

 Nikola concluding seminar at Risø June 2016

The seminar included a first-of-its kind demonstration where it was shown that EVs can dynamically adjust to the needs of the power system by seamlessly transitioning from one service to another. A Syslab test showed six EVs (of different brands) providing local voltage support when connected to the public distribution grid, transitioning to frequency regulation once the system becomes islanded.

Future research validating and developing the results of the Nikola project will be carried out in the Parker Project.
Nikola Group

Above: The Nikola Group


Above: The Nikola Group
Above: The Nikola Group