Front cover of EcoGrid EU: From Design to Implementation

New EcoGrid EU report about smartgrid project on Bornholm

Wednesday 30 Oct 13
 ”New EcoGrid EU report: From Design to Implementation.” report is about the EcoGrid EU project.  A large-scale demonstration of consumer participation in the balancing of renewable electricity generation by active demand response to real-time price signals, created from the current prices in the conventional balancing market.

Bornholm smartgridThe comprehensive report published by European Union FP7 programme consists of five chapters; starting with the background to the project;  EcoGrid real-time market and the fundamentals of the concept, it covers the different phases of the project; implementation of ICT technology, participation of customers on Bornholm, to a final chapter on the next steps and open questions . The report focuses on the results from the field test site on Bornholm; including 1,900 electricity customers and up to 100 commercial/industry buildings.


In short: "The EcoGrid EU concept brings all elements of the electricity system – generation, transmission, distribution and consumption – closer together to improve the overall power system operation for the benefit of the consumer and the environment." EcoGrid EU report: From Design to Implementation.