Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid – Nikola project half-way seminar

Thursday 04 Sep 14


Peter Bach Andersen
Senior Researcher
DTU Wind
+45 45 25 35 24

NIKOLA Event at Risø Campus

The Danish Nikola project was launched in 2013 to investigate the electric vehicles potential in supporting a cost-efficient and secure power system with a high degree of renewable energy. Read more at www.nikolaproject.info

During late fall this year Nikola will have reached the middle of the project's duration. This is marked with a seminar on 27 November 2014 where preliminary results are presented and where the audience is encouraged to provide feedback and questions. There will also be an exhibit of project technology and a number of Smart Grid demonstrations.

All professionals and enthusiasts interested in EV integration are welcome to attend.

Read more and sign up at www.cee.elektro.dtu.dk/calendar