Best Teacher of the Semester (Photo: Benny Johansen)

Best teacher of the semester

Tuesday 14 May 19


Samel Arslanagic
Associate Professor and Head of Electromagnetic Systems
DTU Space
+45 45 25 38 29
Each semester one or two teachers of our department are nominated best teacher based upon the students' course evaluations. The best teacher of the semester was announced earlier today.

At a Department staff meeting on 14 May 2019 it was announced by our Deputy Head of Department Michael A.E. Andersen that the best teacher of the Autumn 2018-January 2019 semester is:

Associate Professor Samel Arslanagic, from our Electromagnetic Systems group, for the BSc course 31400 Electromagnetics (Elektromagnetisme).

The nominations for best teacher are based upon the student evaluations received and examined by the Department's Board of Studies and Management. 

The Electromagnetics course and the teacher received excellent student evaluations.

"The best teacher I've ever had."

Selected student quotes on the course's teacher 

“Samel is fantastic. Super engaged in his field and to teach it to students.” 

“The best teacher I've ever had.”

Best Teacher of the Semester (Photo: Benny Johansen)

At the meeting Samel Arslanagic was awarded with a best teacher diploma and a nice box of chocolates, and received a big round of applause from the audience.

In 2018 Samel Arslanagic received DTU's Lecturer of the Year award which is appointed by DTU's student union Polyteknisk Forening once a year.

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