From left Christian Thorseth Blach, Søren Helstrup Kvist and Nikolaj Kammersgaard (Photo: Henrik Frydkjær)

Antenna Specialist receives 'Elektroprisen 2015'

Monday 26 Oct 15

This year a former DTU Elektro PhD student and two MSc students received prizes when the Elektrofondet celebrated its 50th anniversary and distributed the 'Elektroprisen 2015' and 'E-Kandidat' prizes at a celebration on 23 October 2015.

Søren Helstrup Kvist from GN ReSound is this year's recipient of the 'Elektroprisen 2015' prize which is awarded by the fund Elektrofondet in the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA). Søren receives the award for his work on the design and realization of the 2.4 GHz antennas for use in hearing aids - specifically for communication between two hearing aids located on separate ears using so-called creeping radio waves. For more information read DYNAMO article on this particular project.

Søren completed his PhD from DTU Electrical Engineering in 2014. His PhD thesis was entitled "Antennas and propagation for body-centric wireless communications".

Apart from the professional recognition the award is accompanied by DKK 30,000.

Awards for promising engineers

In connection with the above award three 'E-kandidat' prizes accompanied by DKK 10,000 were given to recent graduates - promising engineers.

Christian Thorseth Blach, MSc, received the prize for his master thesis project "IEC / ISO 15118 - Implementation of the Smart Grid for electric vehicles", which he completed at DTU Electrical Engineering, Center for Electric Power and Energy. The work carried out, have such high quality that it is a part of the software and hardware solutions in the Danish EV project Nikola.

Nikolaj Kammersgaard, MSc, received the prize for his master thesis project "Electrically Small In-the-Ear Antenna" in which he has managed to develop a new model for the ear and designing two new antennas to use for In-the-Ear hearing aids. The project was completed at DTU Electrical Engineering in collaboration with GN ReSound. Nikolaj is presently a PhD student in our Electromagnetic Systems group.

Thomas Lundgaard Hansen, MSc, Aalborg University also received the prize for his thesis "Sparse Decomposition of Parametric Atoms".