The EcoGrid project at Bornholm is monitored at Powerlab, DTU Lyngby

Science Magazine writes article about the EcoGrid project on Bornholm

Friday 27 Nov 15
by Rikke Høm Jensen
A new article in Science Magazine describes how Denmark strives to become a carbon neutral nation. The EcoGrid project on Bornholm is one of the examples.

The november 27th issue of Science Magazine thematises the world's climate future due to the Paris talks next week. One of the articles called "Clean Revolution" focuses on the danish EcoGrid project in which DTU Electrical Engineering, Center for Electric Power and Energy takes part.

The project works for a sustainable future demonstrating full scale smart-grid-solutions which can be observed in real time. It is one of the world's largest smart-grid-projects with a test platform of 2000 households on Bornholm at its disposal.

Follow the link to read the article Clear Revolution.