Formanden for Elektrofondet Ole Lauridsen (yderst tv.) gratulerer årets modtager af Elektroprisen Kresten Yvind (nr. 2 fra venstre) samt kandidatprismodtagerne Camilla Lund, Caspar Jespersen og Matteo Cesari. (Foto: Henrik Frydkjær)

Three E-Candidate Awards for DTU Elektro

Friday 01 Dec 17


Chresten Træholt
Associate Professor, Head of Section
DTU Wind
+45 45 25 35 18
This year's Electro Award and E-Candidate Awards have just been handed over by Elektrofondet at The Danish Society of Engineers.

Associate professor from DTU receives the Electro Award

Associate professor Kresten Yvind is this year's recipient of the Electro Award awarded by Elektrofondet at The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA.

Kresten Yvind is 43 years old and holds a PhD from 2003. Since 2008, he has been a very active and dynamic leader of the research group "Nano-Photonic Devices" at DTU Fotonik, where he, in collaboration with DTU Danchip, has built an international leading facility for manufacturing optoelectronics and advanced semiconductor components for optical communication.
Even when it comes to scientific work, the level of activity is high. Kresten Yvind's research has resulted in extensive scientific production with 107 scientific publications and 169 conference contributions. In 2017 there have been 4 publications in recognized journals and 6 (peer reviewed) conference contributions so far. In addition, Kresten Yvind holds 5 patents.
The motivation emphasizes Kresten Yvind's clear engineering approach to his research area, where the work focus largely deals with the practical application of technologies and components. Apropos use, Kresten Yvind's components have been used in several record trials, where DTU Fotonik has marked itself as the holder of the world record in high-speed optical communication.
"Kresten Yvind's efforts are expected to be of great importance to Denmark's future industrial and research stage in photonics and optical communication," summarizes the background for the choice of the year's Electro Award recipient.

Apart from the professional recognition which the award is a symbol of the award is accompanied by an amount of DKK 30,000.

Awards for promising candidates

In connection with the Electro Award a number of Candidate Awards (E-kandidatpriser) were also awarded to graduates and promising engineers. This year three theses were awarded with Candidate Awards each accompanied by an amount of DKK 10,000, which all went to candidates from DTU Elektro.

Camilla Lund (Photo: Henrik Frydkjær)

Camilla Lund receives the Candidate Award for her Master's thesis from June this year, where she worked with analysis of the function and economics of a networked Li-ion battery of no less than 460 kWh in connection with the EnergyLab Nordhavn project. Based on her thesis, she has provided a basis for economic considerations about the potential of large batteries in the electricity grid in a future with even more wind power and solar cells in the Danish electricity supply.

Supervisors: Associate Professor Chresten Træholt and Postdoc Seyedmostafa Hashemi Toghroljerdi, Center for Electric Power and Energy, DTU Elektro and Carsten Buhl, Radius.

Watch video with Camilla Lund's presentation of her project (in Danish).

Caspar Jespersen (Photo: Henrik Frydkjær)

Caspar A. B. Jespersen receives the Candidate Award for his Master's thesis on automatic detection of so-called micro-arousals in connection with sleep, which is a key issue in the diagnosis of sleep disorders. In connection with the project, he has developed an automatic classification method, which means that doctors can analyze a full night's sleep from a patient in seconds as opposed to a time consuming manual effort.

Main supervisor: Associate Professor Helge B.D. Sørensen, Biomedical Engineering, DTU Elektro.
Clinical supervisors: Professor MD DMSc Poul Jørgen Jennum, Rigshospitalet and Professor MD PhD, Emmanuel Mignot, Stanford University.

Watch video with Caspar Jespersen's presentation of his project (in Danish).

Matteo Cesari (Photo: Henrik Frydkjær)

This year's third award went to Matteo Cesari for his Master's thesis on how to automate and standardize calculations of several clinical parameters based on measured ECG signals. In particular, the goal was a quick and automatic calculation of the so-called T-wave amplitude (TWA) that could be used to assess the stimulation of the cardiac muscle. A task that previously required extensive manual work by a cardiologist. The project, conducted in collaboration between DTU Elektro and Frederiksberg Hospital, developed an automatic wavelet-based algorithm for identifying peak and end times for the T-wave signal as well as the important amplitude.

Main supervisor: Associate Professor Helge B.D. Sørensen, Biomedical Engineering, DTU Elektro.
Clinical supervisor: MD Jesper Mehlsen, Head of Research, Frederiksberg Hospital.

Watch video with Matteo Cesari's presentation of his project.

The awards were motivated and presented by the Chairman of Elektrofondet Ole Lauridsen. "One of the main features of the year's prize recipients and projects is that they are meticulously meeting many of the elements that Elektrofondet focuses on: High academic level, engineering thoroughness, collaboration between university and the community - and not least that they have a great focus on practical application in the real world, "says Ole Lauridsen.

The award ceremony took place at Ingeniørhuset at Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen 29 November 2017.


  • The Electro Award is an annual award of honour, which Elektrofondet awards to a person with a promising effort in the electrotechnical / electronic field, evidenced by excellent technical-scientific work on a high professional level for some years and related to Danish research or industry.


  • The Candidate Awards are awarded to promising young engineering graduates in electrical engineering / electronic field by graduating from one of the Danish engineering institutions. Candidates are expected to have delivered a particularly outstanding thesis with significant technical / scientific content and perspectives for practical use.