Autonomous Systems Test Arena (ASTA)

DTU offers a world-class integrated infrastructure for testing cutting edge innovations and new knowledge for ground, aerial and marine autonomous systems. The facility consists of an overall 40x24x14m volume and it includes:

• A 10x14x7m 3D motion capture and tracking arena where to experiment with up to 14 robotic systems on land and in air,

• A 6.5x3.5x3m pool for testing of autonomous surface and underwater technologies,

• A wide variety of robotic systems for ground, aerial and underwater operations.

The facility is the hub where research, innovation and education meet with industry to trigger new scientific questions, foster take-up of scientific advancements, develop industry-academia collaborations and provide means for testing and demonstrating innovations in the field of autonomous systems.

Location: DTU Lyngby Campus, B. 330D
Contact: Matteo Fumagalli and Roberto Galeazzi
Info: Read more on the facility