Miniature Power Converters for Battery‐Operated Applications

torsdag 11 jun 20


Ahmed Morsi Ammar
DTU Elektro
45 25 36 97

Grant from the Radio-Parts Foundation (Grosserer Alfred Nielsen og Hustru’s Fond).

Ahmed Morsi Ammar from the Electronics Group has got a postdoc grant of DKK 500,000 from the Radio-Parts Foundation (Grosserer Alfred Nielsen og Hustru’s Fond).

The purpose of the project is to develop a technology that enables the next generation power conversion solutions for battery‐operated applications with tight space and footprint constraints, such as hearing aids, wireless headsets, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, tablets, and smartphones.

The project is based on previous research conducted at DTU Electrical Engineering that has resulted in a power interposer technology that allows for producing customized silicon structures with different application-specific features.

By taking that concept to the power converters field, this project will investigate the usage of silicon interposers for power converters substrates, which can enable power converters with smaller footprint, and take advantage of the silicon material such as the better thermal conductivity and low cost.

The project involves integrated circuit (IC) design and silicon interposer development through a nanofabrication process.

The technical work will involve collaboration with other colleagues from the Electronics Group (ELE) and from DTU Nanolab.

DTU Electrical Engineering contact: Research Assistant Ahmed Morsi Ammar