Trainees at HYPERMAG/CMR

mandag 19 dec 16
af Signe Rømer Holm


Center for Hyperpolarization in Magnetic Resonance is committed to addressing basic scientific questions of hyperpolarization by providing a theoretical and experimental basis of the magnetic resonance signal and optimal ways of extracting information about the system to enable new vistas in medicine, biology and chemistry.
9th grade pupils Lærke and Karla have just finished a one-week internship at CMR/HYPERMAG.

Karla Alberte Fredberg and Lærke Lundtoft Jensen have been working alongside the HYPERMAG/CMR researchers for the whole of week 50.

"The best thing was that we were allowed to work independently. We were properly instructed at the beginning, but later on it was just 'Could you please start another overnight culture' and then you were left to figure it out, which was great. Plus we did scheduled work, so we really felt that we made a valuable contribution in return for learning a lot. And now we are ready for the upcoming yeast feature in our chemistry class!"
Lærke and Karla

Karla and Lærke have been involved in activities primarily within the biochemical field of the HYPERMAG Center of Excellence, under the supervision of Senior Researcher Mathilde H. Lerche. They have been growing and preparing yeast and E.coli cell cultures for measuring real time metabolism in living cells, as well as the casting and streaking agar plates for evaluation of cell survival following different cellular treatments.

Karla and Lærke also assisted in the preparation of a special Christmas Party drink by fabricating a red cabbage indicator. And did a small detour from biochemistry to our RF/Electronics lab where they were taught to solder electrical components.

Karla and Lærke have worked independently, with determination, focus and positive spirit. We hope you will continue your education in natural sciences when the time comes.