Women in Acoustics on Hawaii conference

Women in Acoustics receive funding for major international conference

fredag 18 nov 16
af Eva Helena Andersen

Three Danish female students from DTU have received funding for participation in a major international conference which will be held on Hawaii on Nov 28-Dec 2.

On the Danish Sound Day  which was held at the Royal Danish Academy of Music on in March, Anna Josefine Sørensen, Master student at DTU Elektro, won the 'Young Researcher Pitch Battle' together with Lærke Cecilie Bjerre and Thea Mathilde Larsen from DTU Civil Engineering. At same occasion they were awarded the Young Researcher Award 2016

"This is a unique situation being three women together in this project"
Anna Josefine Sørensen

The award comes with a travel grant worth DKK 8.000 for scientific research or educational purposes. The students have saved the grant for travel expenses in order to get to a conference to network and communicate with other researchers. At this Acoustical conference the three students will participate in a special session related to their project: 'Noise Impacts and Soundscapes at Outdoor Gathering Spaces.'
Furthermore, the three women also have got grants from the Oticon Foundation (4.500 DKK) Head Genuit Stiftung (24.000 DKK) and DTU (2.000 DKK) to cover flight tickets, hotel stay and conference expenses,

Josefine Sørensen looks forward to the conference:
“ This is actually a unique situation being three women together in this project, because mostly you meet men in the engineering world,” says Josefine
At the conference Anna Josefine Sørensen will give a talk about their project ‘On-site and laboratory soundscape evaluations of recreational urban spaces’.

About 2500 participants from all over the world are expected to come to the fifth joint ASA/ASJ (Acoustical Society of Ameria/Acoustical Society of Japan) meeting which will be held on Hawaii.
Several researchers from the Hearing Systems group will also participate.
More info and program here

After taking a Bachelor of Engineering and some courses, Anna Josefine Sørensen is now a student in Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.
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