Roberto Galeazzi (Photo: DTU)

"Extremely competent and professional"

onsdag 16 jun 21


Roberto Galeazzi
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Best teacher of the semester at DTU Electrical Engineering diploma: Roberto Galeazzi
Best teacher of the semester at DTU Electrical Engineering Roberto Galeazzi acknowledged at a virtual Department meeting.

Our Department has a tradition of honouring great teachers. Twice a year, we name the best teachers of the semesters, based on nominations submitted by DTU students. The current acknowledgement was presented in connection with a Department meeting on 16 June.  

At the Department meeting, Deputy Head of Department Michael A.E. Andersen announced that the best teacher of the Autumn 2020-January 2021 semester at DTU Electrical Engineering is:  

Associate Professor Roberto Galeazzi, from our Automation and Control section, for the MSc course '31310 Linear control design 2' (Reguleringsteknik 2).

The specific course aims at providing analytical tools and methods for the design of linear control systems for MIMO (multi-input multi-output) physical systems, based on the state space framework. The course also presents how the theoretical methods transpose into computer aided techniques for the practical design and implementation of the control systems.

The course and its teacher received excellent student evaluations.

Selected student quotes on Roberto's teaching:

“Very passionate about subject. Explains core concepts in an understandable way.”
“Extremely competent and professional.”
“Goddamn great teacher.”
“Thanks to Roberto, I have learned a lot during this course. He doesn’t spare energy to teach.”

After the announcement Roberto received a big round of applause and cheers from colleagues. Roberto will also receive a best teacher diploma and a box of chocolates.

The best teacher nominations are based upon the student evaluations of courses as a means of providing feedback on the quality of teaching. The evaluations are received and examined by the Department's Board of Studies and Management. 

It is the second time Roberto is singled out as best teacher of the semester. Last time was in 2015.

If you are curious about other great teachers of the Department please visit our 'Best teacher of the semester' page.