Foto: Ditte Valente
05 JUL

Roskilde Festival: Electric cars replace generators at Food Court

Three electric cars at Roskilde Festival ’s Food Court ensure ample electricity to cope with peak loads without using generators.

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07 SEP

DTU graduate assists Radius in technical and financial optimisation of automatic...

The Danish electric operations company, Radius, is currently upgrading their secondary substations in order improve the operation of the grid. This, partly thanks to Mads...

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25 AUG

Enighed om at støtte energilagring og -konvertering

Energilagring og -konvertering skal bidrage til at skabe større balance og mere sammenhæng i det danske energisystem.

Energi Elteknik
25 APR

PowerLabDK prepares for the digital energy future

In collaboration with the IT department of DTU, PowerLabDK has just invested in a large supercomputer as the first element of a soon-to-be-launched new Digital Energy Lab...

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20 APR

Great results for active distribution network automation

“Ideal Grid for All” was the vision of a project collaboration between 13 European academic and industrial organisations – a vision that is now very close to becoming a...

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10 APR

Denmark in charge of new electric alliance

Researchers from the Technical University of Denmark take the lead in a new project that will pave the way for an integrated energy system across the Nordic countries...

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03 APR

New project on large scale electrical vehicle integration

A new project just got officially funded and will run between April 2017 and March 2020. The Project is called Across Continents Electric Vehicle Services (ACES) and intends...

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24 MAR

PowerLabDK streams live at large Groupe PSA event

This week, the French car manufacturer Groupe PSA (the group behind Citroën and Peugeot) organised a large internal showcase of innovation projects in Paris. PowerLabDK...

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11 APR

EcoGrid 2.0 Kick-off - Flexibility for users is key to succes

The EcoGrid 2.0 project's vision is to develop, test and demonstrate an electricity market for flexibility, that meets the customers' daily needs and make it easy to choose...

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04 MAR

Gaming to learn about renewables in electricity markets

The MSc course "Renewables in electricity markets" at DTU Elektro has attracted nearly 90 students in 2016, even though it is given for the second year only. One of the...

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